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Questions and Answers

Q. How many different sizes for the Hurricane vase?

A. The clear Hurricane Vase comes in 4 different sizes.

Q. What shall I do if I ordered the wrong size?

A. If unhappy with the items just email us. We will work out the best solution for you.

Q. How are the vases delivered?

A. The orders are being shipped in the original packaging with the outer box wrapped in bubble wrap.

Q. Where do you deliver to?

A. We can deliver florist supplies anywhere in London as well as rest of the UK.

Did You Know?

Glass Floral was founded more than 10 years ago by a group of enthusiastic, hard working and passionate people with the simple, and yet, noble objective of giving you more for less. A fresh perspective driven by a positive attitude. Throughout the years we have kept the"can do" attitude despite the inevitable "bumps" encountered along the way. We have not changed and we will not allow anyone or anything to alter our philosophy: offering the vital sundries at accessible prices.

Huricane Vases Wholesale

The Hurricane vase is the suitable item for flowers, floral arrangements and pillar candles.

Customer Reviews

‘‘Enticed by the good prices I ordered a box(6 pieces)of hurricanes. Pleased with the quality and even more with the prices. Thanks guys’’

38cm Hurricane Vase
4 / 5 stars

‘‘Ordered hurricane vases and everything was as expected. Good prices, good quality and good service ’’
5 / 5 stars