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Questions and Answers

Q. Can I use the cylinder vase as stand?

A. Yes. The cylinder vase is the most stable shape.

Q. What is the most sold size?

A. In general, the medium sized cylinder (30,40cm high) is the bestseller. The height allows for a multitude of uses.

Q. Are the cylinder vases you sell on your online store of good quality?

A. We have been receiving a good feedback on the cylinders sold throughout the years. We are confident that we're offering the best quality at the best possible prices.

Q. What is the tallest cylinder you sell?

A. At the moment, the 80cm cylinder takes the crown for the tallest offering.

Did You Know?

The history of glass manufacturing dates back to 4000BC. Archaeology confirms that the first glass was produced in the northern part of Syria, Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. Closer to home, the secret of glass making came with the romans. It was a closely guarded secret and only after the fall of the Roman Empire the so called technology of glass manufacturing started to spread. Nowadays, we have come to consider glass an essential part of our lives closely linked with the state of wellbeing. Try, for a few moments, to imagine our modern lives without glass and the benefits that it brings. We at Glass Floral cannot, hence our commitment to supplying you with the best quality when it comes to glassware, clear or coloured.

Cylinder Vases Wholesale

The word cylinder comes from the ancient Greek word "kulindross" which means "roller, tumbler" and it is undoubtedly one of the most used shape in the industry. The elegant, understated simplicity appeals to everyone, from the conscious florist to the lavish orientated event organisers. There are numerous advantages with using the cylinder vases: they're affordable, classy, coming in different colours and sizes, easy to store afterwards and stable when filled. The cylinder vase was, is and we can safely assume, continue to be a pillar of the exciting and dynamic florist industry. Our wholesale store followed on this trend and adjusted accordingly, offering cheap alternatives to the sky-high prices charged on these essential items. Glass Floral is widely recognised as the "alternative", the place to go for quality and affordable products.

Customer Reviews

‘‘Ordered white cylinders over the phone which is a nifty option. Received the vases as promised and I have only praises for the guys ’’

White cylinders
5 / 5 stars

‘‘I was looking for cylinder vases for my little business and price was a priority as I am usually very careful with my vases. To my surprise I have found the Glass Floral guys and not only that I have got the items at great prices but they were also good quality cylinders too. great buy ’’
Clear cylinders
5 / 5 stars