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Questions and Answers

Q. Can I call you before placing the order or everything has to be done on-line?

A. We're more than happy to help if you're not comfortable with the on-line process.

Q. I intend to use the conical vase as a stand, would it work?

A. It is not an unusual idea as some florists use them this way. The vases are sturdy and stable and ca be used as stands as long as the flower arrangement is not very heavy.

Q. A conical vase or a cylinder?

A. It all depends on how skilled the florist is and customer's requirements. A solution can always be found if it comes down to using any of them as an alternative.

Did You Know?

The conical vase is something of a mystery without an exact date of birth. What we can say for certain is that the conical vase is an established design, is here to stay and add class to flower arrangements regardless of budget or occasion.

Conic Vase Wholesale

The floristry business is a dynamic, vibrant sector where creativity, talent, inspiration and boldness find themselves right at home. Multitude of colours, shapes, glass and plastic, paper, twine and ribbon are blended to create extraordinary beauty. The conical vase is an important part of this universe and rightly so. It's of an elegant simplicity, the understated proposition which adds that touch of class without being loud. Glass Floral is in the driving seat offering wholesale prices on the best quality conical vases. We have decided that the elegant conical vase deserves to be put in the spotlight for all the right reasons: cheap prices, good quality, style and versatility. Our on-line shop has all the information required to help you make an informed decision. We are here to help, we're only one click away.

Customer Reviews

‘‘Ordered 9 conicals over the phone and received them next day . Prompt and courteous service, can't fault it"

60 cm Conical
5 / 5 stars

‘‘I ordered 6 conical vases, checked with the guys over the phone beforehand and received the items when promised’’
100cm conical vase
5 / 5 stars