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Did You Know?

-Recycling a single bottle saves enough energy to keep a coloured TV going for approx. 20 minutes or an old fashioned 100 watts light bulb for almost one hour.
-7 out of 10 of us think that glass packaging suggests quality. Are you one of them?

Questions and Answers

Q. What is the difference between Cocktail and Martini?

A. A cocktail vase has a smaller, narrower bowl with a flat or rounded bottom and generally shorter.

Q. Is a Cocktail vase suitable for that "special" occasion?

A. There are more things to take into consideration than how elegant the occasion is. Size of the floral arr., how big are the tables they will be placed on and probably the most important thing you have to consider is the amount of money allocated for this.

Q. Is the Margarita vase part of the same glassware family?

A. Yes, the "principle" behind these elegant vases is the same with a slight alteration in regards to shape.

Wholesale Cocktail Vases

What do you get when "mixing" a cone-shaped bowl, a base and a glass stem? Simply put, a Cocktail vase. A Cocktail vase, though closely related to the more popular Martini vase, has a smaller, narrower bowl with a flat or rounded bottom and is generally shorter.

Ever since Glass Floral started trading our mission was and still is to offer our customers cheap, affordable glassware without charging over the moon prices . The beginning was difficult as the experience is gained step by step without ignoring, sometimes painful, the mistakes made. We have emerged stronger, more determined to make Glass Floral the reference for affordable sundries. The on-line shop was designed to give you the options which until now were out of reach due to the sky-high prices being charged. One of the items that we have decided to make even cheaper is the popular cocktail vase, part of our proactive attitude towards a fairer way of doing business. Why not check our dedicated page specially created with you, our savvy customer, in mind?

Customer Reviews

‘‘If in need of vases again I'll call them up. Good prices and speedy delivery’’

50cm Cocktail Vase
4 / 5 stars

‘‘I ordered some Cocktail vases as they were cheaper than Martini. Pleased with the purchase. Simple and effective’’
50cm Cocktail
5 / 5 stars