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Did You Know?

The cellophane was invented in1908 by the Swiss chemist Jacques Edwin Brandenberger. Interestingly, his initial objective was to create a protective layer for the table cloth after seeing the effects of a glass of wine being spilt on a table.

Questions and Answers

Q. Is the cellophane you advertise on your website low quality hence the price?

A. The item we advertise on the website is top quality. The price reflects our commitment to offer best value for money to our customers.

Q. What is the lenght and width of the cellophane roll?

A. As per product description the cellophane roll measures 100 metres in lenght and 80cm in width.

Q. Do you really offer same day deliver on this item?

A. Yes. Our stock levels allows us to honour every order that comes in regardless of the quantity.

Customer Reviews

‘‘Good quality item delivered on time without hiccups.Pleased with the service, will use again.’’

Clear film rolls
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‘‘Decided to try them and placed an order for the clear cellophane. I have to admit i have been proven wrong. They did deliver the same day . If i ever get desperate i know now i can count on them. Thanks guys’’
5 / 5 stars

Wholesale Cellophane

The cellophane is an essential part of a florist's bussiness. Apart from being used in wrapping the sought after hand tied Bouquet , recently, creative florists have started using it in the corporate arrangements delivered on a weekly basis. It allows florists to adjust the height of the flowers as well as improving the overall look of the arrangement by giving it a frosted looking appearance. At Glass Floral we are committed to helping you get the best results when dealing with your customers. We have cut our prices thus making the vital cellophane more affordable. It is our way way of looking after you: our loyal customers.


Cellophane bags have so many uses; they are actually made from thin paper like transparent film. This also makes them foldable so you will be able to fold them in any form according to their contents. They can be used to wrap gift baskets that you can give to a special someone on any event. They are also used in packaged food that you would be able to get at a supermarket or bakers. These cellophane bags are also sued to pack candy, sweets and chocolate, but then can also be used for souvenirs, such as dried lavender petals or a zodiac statue.

If you want to give various gifts to someone then you can put all the items into one bag and then tie the top with a beautiful bow or ribbon. You will be able to get these cellophane bags at a gift shop, even if you are unsure how to pack your gifts then you should go to a gift shop and they will guide you. They will even help you pack your gift with the ribbon to make it all a very beautiful package. This would give a very beautiful look to your presents and is very cost effective.

Another great point about these cellophane bags is that they don’t shrink then they are heated. This will be useful when you have food packed in these bags and then you want to heat the food. You will able to put the packaged food in the microwave without the worry that the bag will either shrink and ruin your food, or melt and get stuck to the food you planned to eat. They have been passed by an authority to be safe to pack food with so there is nothing to worry about.

There are so many types of cellophane bags just go to your nearest store and you will see for yourself all the options that you will have. There are standard flat cellophane bags; these are great to pack food as they prevent moisture and oxygen from passing through so they can keep food as fresh as ever. They also have the ability to hold gift in place so when they are packed they won’t move around. You also get heavy duty square style cellophane bags; these are great when you want to pack larger heavier items. As they are of a stronger film they don’t tear so easily and ensure that whatever you pack in this bag they are kept safe and secure.

Another type of cellophane bags is the standard square cellophane bag, this is great if you want to put gifts in as this type of bag has a square bottom and would be perfect to put your gifts. The square bottom allows you to stack all your gifts while you are packing them, this will ensure that they remain safe. You can also get these bags with further packing within them, this would provide a cushion for your gifts so they get damaged and don’t move around in the bag.

If you are unsure which cellophane bag to get then all you should do is drop by your local gift shop and they will ensure that the cellophane bag you get is perfect for you requirement. Not only that but if you need help in packing your gifts then that is possible and we are sure that the local gift shop will pack your gifts in the cellophane bag of your choosing. This would not only pack your gifts and keep them safe but it would also make them look presentable. These bags can be patterned and have various design so this would make the packaging look good as well.