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Questions and Answers

Q. How do you manage to keep the prices so low?

A. We have made a promise to keep the prices at their lowest point and we are not going back on that.

Q. Do you really offer same day delivery on the hand tied vases?

A. On some hand tied vases we offer same day delivery, yes.

Q. Do you offer any discounts?

A. Our prices are already the lowest in the business part of our commitment to keep your shop thriving.

Q. Can we confirm with you the availability before ordering?

A. Feel free to call between 9am-6pm, always happy to help.

Did You Know?

The notion of hand-tied vase is relatively new. The vase became so popular that new production lines have been created in order to cope with the increasing demand. Now we have got quite a few variations on this increasingly popular design. Some companies went even further creating a new item called "living vase" made of watertight cardboard but remaining faithful to the principle that gave it birth in the first place. This is testimony to the popularity the vase have gained in the past years.

Hand-Tied Bouquet Vases Wholesale

The famous hand tied arrangement needed a suitable vase and the vase bearing the name was born. The hourglass shape compliments the flower design and offers that special something which is missing from any other design. We pride ourselves with the cheapest price on these special vases and we will continue to offer wholesale prices on a large variety of glass items. When in need of "nigella" vases why not check our online store for the items you require? We will definitely surprise you with the variety and more than anything else, cheap prices.

Customer Reviews

‘‘Got a small shop in Cambridge and I am always careful with spending. Saw their prices on the hand tied vases and decided to buy them. Received them next day just before 5. What's not to like? Quick service, great prices. Just perfect.’’

Hand Tied
5 / 5 stars

‘‘I ordered a box of nigellas and I cannot fault the guys. Delivered in time and if you find something cheaper I will follow suit, I doubt it though. Highly recommended’’
Nigella Vase Gla2699
5 / 5 stars