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Did You Know?

-Recycling a single bottle saves enough energy to keep a coloured TV going for approx. 20 minutes or an old fashioned 100 watts light bulb for almost one hour.
-7 out of 10 of us think that glass packaging suggests quality. Are you one of them?

Questions and Answers

Q. Where do you source your glassware from?

A. We have developed a close business relationship with various suppliers, domestic and international, allowing us to offer our customers competitive prices.

Q. Why the price variation when it comes to different colour glass?

A. The technological process for obtaining the coloured glassware tends to be more expensive and take longer for the final product to arrive on our shelves.

Q. How do you make sure the glassware is safe during transport?

A. We do our utmost to make sure glass vases are wrapped safely according to the latest industry standards. We hand deliver to London with our own drivers and use the most professional nationwide courier known to us for anywhere else in the UK.

Black Glass Vases Wholesale

The demand for stronger, more durable glassware from customers and merchants alike led to what we know today as "black glass" which originated in the early years of the 16th Century. The technological process of obtaining the coloured glass requires the use of iron oxide as primary agent, which helps achieve the main objective with a twist; durability but also colour. Strength and colour, two essential qualities of the black glass means less spoilage of the contents due to exposure to light, but also less breakages for shippers and handlers. Glass Floral stands for reasonable prices hence our black glass category reflects our commitment to offer the best quality glassware at the best possible prices.

Customer Reviews

‘‘It's impossible to find cheap black glass, fishbowls in my case,....well almost impossible. The prices on the website convinced me to buy and I am happy to have found a cheaper alternative’’

5 / 5 stars

‘‘I ordered some black lily vases and I am happy I did. Received them in good state and I have to give them 4 stars as 5 stars is something I never do"
Lily vases
4 / 5 stars