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Questions and Answers

Q. Where do you source your glassware from?

A. We have developed a close business relationship with various suppliers allowing us to offer our customers competitive prices.

Q. Why the price variation when it comes to different colour glass?

A. The technological process for obtaining the coloured glassware tends to be more expensive and take longer for the final product to arrive on our shelves.

Q. How do you make sure the glassware is safe during transport?

A. We do our utmost to make sure the glass is wrapped according to the latest industry standards.

Did You Know?

The history of glass manufacturing dates back to 4000BC. Archeology confirms that the first glass was produced in the northern part of Syria, Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. Closer to home, the secret of glass making came with the romans. It was a closely guarded secret and only after the fall of the Roman Empire the so called technology of glass manufacturing started to spread. Nowadays, we have come to consider glass an essential part of our lives closely linked with the state of wellbeing. Try, for a few moments, to imagine our modern lives without glass and the benefits that it brings. We, at Glass Floral cannot, hence our commitment to supplying you with the best quality when it comes to glassware, clear or coloured.

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Customer Reviews

Called them up looking for some white cylinders for my customer. The great service received over the phone helped me decide. Purchased 8 of them in the end. Thank you

White cylinder
5 / 5 stars

Just received my delivery. Happy with the service, quality and speed. Will use in future.
5 / 5 stars