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Did You Know?

The candlestick as we all know it comes from the latin word "Candelabrum". The origin of the Candelabra can be traced back to 400 BC when clay Candelabras have been unearthed in Pompey, Italy.

Questions and Answers

Q. Will the candelabra be stable enough?

A. The straightforward answer is yes. The bottom diameter is 19-20cm

Q. Can i store them safely?

A. The candelabras are made of strong aluminium, light and they can easily be folded.

Q. Does your same day delivery apply to this particular item?

A. Yes as long as the order is being placed before 2pm for London postcodes.

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60cm Buckingham
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Candelabra Wholesale UK

Candelabras are candlesticks with two or more branching arms. The beginning of the candelabra as we know it today is quite low key. Used primarely as a source of light for a long period of time , the humble candelabra became the item to have at every reception, the upper class companion fit for a king.Though the electric lighting has phased out the use of candles in many parts of the world , candelabra is still an important part of our social life. With this in mind at Glass Floral we have put together a collection of different candelabras allowing our customers to benefit from the experience we have gained throughout the years. It will be very difficult to ignore our wholesale low prices.


Candelabras have been used to provide light for centuries; the reason that they have been an integral part of every home. You are able to find one in almost every home. Not only they did provide light but also are a part of décor that accompany one’s home or room. However, nowadays finding candles in someone’s home isn’t as common as it used to be. This is mainly because having candles before was more of a necessity than a decoration piece. But now it is no longer something that everyone needs due to constant supply of electricity. Still there are many people, who feel that candelabras are accessories of classic décor, but it is quite amusing that you would be able to find a candelabrum that would fit the modern décor that we have in our homes today. This has made it very easy to include candles in our modern day décor and they prove to give a great look to other accessories too. Buy candelabra wholesale UK at Glass Floral, low prices guaranteed.

The distinction of a candelabrum is that it has the ability to hold three or more handles, and this proved a great source of light in the olden days. However, that being said, it is not difficult to find wholesale candelabras in these days, but these are no longer used to provide a source of light but more as a show piece to keep around.

With there being a large wholesale market to buy cheap candelabras, this also means that there is a great variety for anyone to choose from. The first step that you should take while selecting your candelabrum is that you need to know what you will use it for. There are two main categories that candelabras fall into; these are floor candelabras and table candelabras. The one’s that you put on the floor are usually large and high and these are intended for indoor use or outdoor use. As for the table candelabras, these are usually very convenient and small; they would be small enough for you to hold in your hand and are more common to keep indoors or to be used as an accessory to complement the décor.

It should be noted that floor candelabras have a very church-like feel due to their height, but there has been modern variants of these candelabras and this can be seen in the collection of spiral candelabras. The best part about these modern variants is that they can fit perfectly well into modern décor. Along with this variant there are other variant such as hanging candelabras, these were very common in old cathedrals and churches so would give a great touch hanging above a dining table in today’s age.

Among the options that people have with candelabras there are various materials that candelabras come in. However, the most commonly used materials are wrought iron, silver, brass, and other kinds of metal. To get a different feel there are also candelabras for sale in marble and porcelain. But if you want something that is more delicate then there are some others made of glass and crystals.

If you want to get your own candelabrum then you can get them very easily at any home depot or any other store that has items for home decoration. Along with candelabras you will also be able to find tablecloths, glasses and napkin rings. Just be sure that when are getting your candelabras that they match the interior of the room that you are placing it in. For example if you are getting a table candelabrum then it should match the utensils and flatware. But it would be even better to match the walls and ceiling as this would give an overall collective look to the room. We are a true candelabra suppliers UK.